Now that the season is coming to an end, I’m reminiscing about the year. Not only my own, but also the year some of my clients have had and the incredible amount of progress they have made. Tune in over the next several weeks as I highlight a few of these individuals and their accomplishments. You can read part one and part two, also.


Another client that I’ve been fortunate to work with quite a bit this season is Reg Williams. Reg has stepped up his motorsport game this year, not only on the track but also off the track. He and I have spent a tremendous amount of time online via iRacing preparing for each event. We utilized a lot of lead-follow driving, but we also worked on race craft, like passing and race starts. By working on all of those aspects online, it allowed Reg get mentally and strategically prepared for each upcoming event.

Reg got a new car last year, and it helped him take his racing to the next level. The car has a lot more potential than his previous one, and it put him in a more competitive class. He really rose to the occasion in that new class, improving his performance over the previous year and coming away with a bunch of victories and personal bests.

It’s been so fun to see all of Reg’s hard work—both on track and off—result in all of those wins. It just goes to show that dedication really does pay off.

Not only did Reg challenge himself, but he challenged me, as well!  I had to up my own game to keep up with Reg’s dedication to improving. I got to add an extra layer to my coaching skills to help keep Reg on his trajectory, so working with him and seeing his success was especially rewarding for me.