Tom Long has been a driving coach and instructor for more than a decade, working with clients at all levels of motorsports, including lapping day enthusiasts, amateur racers, and upcoming drivers in the professional ranks. Coaching clients like Tyler CookeAshton Harrison, and Harrison Burton have all gone on to professional success, and younger drivers such as Will Cox and Elias De La Torre are well on their way to promising careers.

The Tracks

While best known for his expertise at local tracks like Virginia International Raceway and Road Atlanta, Tom also has extensive, current experience at tracks throughout the United States. As a driver for Mazda Motorsports in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Series, Tom visits the top race tracks each year for competition and testing.

The Goals

Tom tailors each coaching program to help you achieve your unique goals. He will also equip you with skills and tools to use as you move forward in your driving career. Some of the performance gains Tom’s coaching focuses on include:

  • Improved lap times
  • Increased consistency
  • Honing driving skills and racecraft
  • Improved confidence on track
  • Chassis setup, from shaking down a new car to dialing in your current car for ideal suspension settings and other fine-tuned adjustments

The Methods

In order to maximize at-track coaching, Tom employs various methods of gathering and analyzing data to guide you toward your driving goals.

Data and in-car video analysis
Utilizing the latest in technology, replaying in-car video and studying data helps you learn from previous laps in order to set goals and focus on areas

of improvement for the next on-track session.

Right seat in-car feedback
Two-way in-car communication provides immediate, live feedback about driving lines, inconsistency, and preparing for what’s ahead on the track.

“Tom’s an expert at shaking down a car and making small but critical adjustments to it. That combined with sage advice, insight, and critical data analysis on how to adapt, feel, and interpret those changes made for the most productive, rewarding, and fun track day I’ve ever had.”

Peter Haggar

Two-way radio communication
In a racing environment where right-seat coaching is not an option, two-way radio communication helps with mental preparation both before and during the event. Live communication improves focus on the goals and provides immediate feedback, as well as providing spotting during a race.

Mental preparation and visualization strategies
Two vitally important aspects to successful driving, these steps help determine what areas to focus on and how to implement these practices on your own in the future.

If you’re ready to take your driving to the next level, contact Tom to get more details or to schedule a coaching session.