For a change I was not at the race track this past weekend, but I was still keeping tabs on some of my friends and clients who were racing at VIR during the SCCA’s “Goblins Go” event. For me it was really fun to follow the continuing progress of some of the drivers I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the past few seasons.

Rob Trollinger made his return to Spec Miata this weekend, so I went up to the track on Friday to help him get prepped for the racing. He was there with his friend Randy, who I have also helped some along the way. Randy often races with the Porsche Club, and VIR was his first weekend in a Spec Miata. It was fun getting to watch both Rob and Randy progress on Friday.

Brian Wright got his first Spec Miata podium, finishing third.

Brian Wright got his first Spec Miata podium, finishing third.

Rob and Randy shared Rob’s Miata for the enduros and had a great time. Randy took the car out for Spec Miata and he wound up doing really well: he took to it quickly and adapted to the bump drafting technique with no problem. He ended up with a seventh-place finish on Sunday in his first-ever Spec Miata weekend! Meanwhile, Rob entered another class in the Miata and wound up winning his class and beating his previous best lap time.

Throughout the weekend, some more local friends of mine I’ve coached in the past were racing Spec Miata, as well. Since coaching them, I’ve stayed in touch and continue to watch as they get more competitive. Brian Wright ended up with his first podium in the Spec Miata race on Sunday, so that was thrilling to see. I think back a couple years ago when Brian had an early-generation Miata and was still learning a lot about racing and driving technique. It was hard for him back then to think of being on the podium, but here he was doing it!

It’s fun for me to see the progress that current and former clients make and to see what a great time they have. Their enjoyment comes partly from their success on the track, and it’s gratifying to know I had a share in making that happen for them. It makes me proud to see what my clients have been able to do, utilizing the tools they have learned to go out and get good results as they further their racing careers.