I had the pleasure of coaching a family last week during an event at Virginia International Raceway. It was a fun group dynamic and it brought back a lot of great memories of my own experiences at the racetrack with my family.

The goal for this family was to get four drivers—two brothers and their sons—acclimated to a new car that they had just finished building for an upcoming endurance race. The really unique part is that all four drivers have varying experience levels, so I worked with each individual on his skillsets as well as helping oversee the final touches of the car’s development.

The family camaraderie really made me reminisce about some of the similar scenarios that I went through as I was growing up in motorsports. My dad and I would figure out a lot of things together when there was no clear-cut answer to a challenge. Luckily for this family, I was able to draw on my experience so that they wouldn’t make the same mistakes I sometimes did in the past!

One of the most rewarding aspects of the event is that by the end of the two days, all four of the drivers had gained so much confidence and knowledge at the same track where they will be racing soon. Taking the specific learning opportunities of last week and applying them in the race next month will really pay off.

Not only was the on-track component a goal for this family, but so was the opportunity to simply enjoy some family time together. I was honored that they asked me to join them and that I got to enjoy their experience with them.