15_MX5TestLast week was the initial track run for one of our 2016 Mazda MX-5 Global Cup cars. While it was a great opportunity to take the car onto the track for the first time, it was a short test to ensure that several key components were working correctly.

For one thing, we needed to verify that the sensors we have running on the car for our multi-post rig testing were working properly. It’s a seven-post rig that runs simulations based on data collected from the car while it’s on track. Later, at the shop, the car can be attached to the rig. Using that data, the rig can then recreate the track situation, moving the car around so the crew can make suspension and setup changes.

This was also the car’s first time being driven in its race trim, with a roll cage, upgrades to the suspension and brakes, etc. We did a ten-lap run to make sure all of that was working properly, too!

Next week, we will do our first full day of testing to get an understanding of where we need to go with all of the fine-tuning and suspension adjustments before our first public debut during the Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup weekend in May.

You can read a detailed report over at MazdaMotorsports.com, with even more details about the day.