Last Friday I was back at Sebring yet again for another test event with some familiar friends. RVA Graphics Motorsports is in the midst of preparing for the 2024 SRO racing season and finalizing their driver lineup.

Having worked with most of these drivers before, it was great to reunite with them and to get to work with them throughout the test. Not only did we work on refining their driving, but we also worked on developing car setup strategies for when we come back to Sebring in May for the race.

We were able to give the drivers a lot of opportunities to do back-to-back comparison runs between Setup A and Setup B. This allowed them to feel the changes, and it helped us better understand their feedback about those changes. It was also fun to see the drivers’ progress during the day, especially as we honed in on specific corners to improve and saw that work reflected the lap time performance.

We had a beautiful day with some cloud cover at times, which helped keep the track relatively consistent throughout the day. We know it can be an uphill battle when the track temperatures heat up, and it seems like things we did earlier in the day aren’t repeatable, so the cloudy conditions were welcome!

It was a full day of on-track activity, from nine until five, with hundreds of miles driven. The day was a successful and productive one, and I’m excited to kick off the SRO season with the team in just over a month’s time at Sonoma Raceway during the first weekend of April.