There’s a lot to be thankful for in the 2021 season. I had a blast this year getting to race, coach, and work with some of my favorite clients. The perspectives that I was able to gain from not only being in the seat, but also being on the sidelines coaching and working alongside teams really helped me appreciate the many experiences available in my line of work.

The season gave me a lot of exciting new challenges, too, pushing me to be out of my typical comfort zone. For instance, I got the chance to be the strategist for an IMSA team, which is something I’d never done before and found very rewarding.

Both my clients and I had a lot of success this year. It’s so rewarding to see clients meeting personal goals and achieving new heights in their careers. Ending the season by being in the driver’s seat in IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge again was fantastic, and of course I’m grateful that I can look forward to even more of that next season!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you at the racetrack next month!