This past weekend was a fun opportunity to join some clients not just as their coach, but also as their co-driver. We were competing in the World Racing League (WRL) endurance races at Road Atlanta, featuring a nine-hour race one day and a seven-hour race the next. Weather conditions: HOT!

We’ve had a few prior WRL races in this car, which is a Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, and every time, the team learns more about the car and their program. They ended up with their best results to date at Road Atlanta.

I had the pleasure of getting to start both of the races, and it’s always fun to run with a lot of other pros and coaches. It’s also a great feeling to help the team get off to a good start. Rob and Randy, my co-drivers, did a great job, picking up where I left off to continue making strides.

It was rewarding to be able to work with each of them between stints, debriefing about what had just happened and analyzing everything to know what to try to accomplish and improve on for the next stint. Rob and Randy were trading off about every hour, so it was a great learning opportunity for them. Both drivers got a lot of seat time, and they also got a great result through their focus and consistency. The Goldcrest team did an amazing job prepping and supporting the car to keep us running strong all weekend, and everything came together beautifully.

It’s a lot of fun for everybody to race together in an event like this, because we all gain from it. Rob and Randy developed as drivers, and we continued to strengthen both our communication with each other and our relationship. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity with the team already!