This past week I found myself at VIR twice. Ironically, I was there in the same type of car both times! I was working with new clients on both visits, and it’s always fun to have the experience of working with clients for the first time.

It’s always a pleasure to meet new people who are interested in a common sport, and since these were new coaching clients, it was important to identify what their goals were for the event. Then, not only did we execute on those, but we uncovered other things to focus on, as well.

Once we established a solid plan for each day, it was really exciting to uncover further opportunities for improvement and deliver on the goals that we set for the day. Not only is it a lot of fun developing a relationship with somebody new, but so is seeing the excitement that client has when they are achieving their goals!

In addition to goal setting, it’s also important to help drivers understand the process rather than just giving them a list of things to accomplish. That way, they can develop their skillsets beyond just going faster, and beyond just a day or two of coaching: they can use those skillsets at every event in the future. There can be a time when progress plateaus as a driver develops their process and their craft, but understanding the right approach to take helps us keep moving toward the desired end result.

And for me, it’s refreshing to refine my own craft by working with someone new, which lets me improve my coaching skills with both new and existing clients. If you need me, you can easily guess which track to find me at! This coming week is another busy one at VIR with existing clients whom I’m excited to get back to the track with.