I spent last week at Road Atlanta working with some longtime clients of mine. We had several days of practice, testing, setup, and getting drivers dialed in, which culminated in a race weekend. It was a really productive few days leading up to the event. My clients all had terrific performances, and I’m really proud of the effort they put in.

One client in particular, Rob Trollinger, really had a breakout event. From mental strength and focus to driving performance, including pace and consistency, he excelled all around. He even finished in the top three in all of his races! It was really impressive to see as well as rewarding for me as a coach. We had done a lot of work in the off-season, including skid-pad training and brushing up on car control skills, plus work on driver confidence, and it was so gratifying to see that hard work pay off.

It was fun getting to share the enduro race on Sunday with Reg Williams.

It was fun getting to share the enduro race on Sunday with Reg Williams.

After a couple of good performances, we started to ask ourselves what was working so well for Rob. How could he bottle that intensity and mental clarity so he could continue getting those results throughout the weekend?

I’ve personally had those types of weekends, and it’s always interesting. It’s rewarding to see your hard work pay off, but how do you keep that up and even build on it? With Rob, we identified what those improved performance aspects were, such as confidence in the car, mental clarity, and other factors that allowed us to quantify the success. Once we identified the things that led to success once, we knew what to aim for in the future to ensure continued outstanding performance.

When you have a successful event, make sure to identify what those successful factors were so you can try to harness that in your approach to the next event. For all of you superstitious drivers out there, maybe you should take note of what you ate and drank that day!