Here’s an index of coaching topics I have covered here on the blog that might be a good guide for you. If you’re looking for ways to improve your race craft both on and off the track, then you can look through some classic posts and get to work!

Future posts will be included in this index, so you can always check back for new information on the topics you’re most interested in.

Braking and Cornering
Three Themes to be a Better Driver

Winter Warm-Up, Part 1: Less Brakes, More Speed

Winter Warm-Up, Part 2: Brakes, Throttle, or Neither?

Car Competence
Upgrading to a Faster Car

Getting to Know You: How to Adapt to a New Car

Learning a New Track
New Track, Different Experiences: Learning VIR

Preparation Tips for Learning a New Track

Learning a New Track

Off-season Preparations
Warm Up Your Driving Skills, Even When It’s Cold Outside

What Are You Doing to Stay Fit These Days?

Staying Fit for Driving: Strength, Balance, Reaction

Are You Preparing for the 2020 Season Yet?

Race Craft
The “Methodical Progress” Approach to Driving

Focus on the Track, Not the Distractions

The Importance of a Plan

Write it Down! The Importance of Taking Notes

Guest Post by a Coaching Client: Crash, Recover, Drive!

Coaching Timeline: A Day at the Track

Winter Warm-Up, Part 3: The Lap Time Trap

How to Control Emotions In and Out of the Car

Rain Driving
Driving in the Rain, Part 1: Car Prep and Setup

Driving in the Rain, Part 2: Driving Techniques

To Go or Not to Go (On Track)

Test Day Logic: Setup First, then Speed

Answering Your Questions: Turning Feedback into Adjustments

Seat Fittings: Why Every Racer Needs the Right Fit

Changing Temperatures Mean Changing Your Setup

Getting Technical with the New MX-5 Cup Gearbox

Data Review
Coaching a Familiar Car!

Understanding Data: Interpreting for Beginners

How to Get Big Results from a Short Coaching Session