I was fortunate to find myself back at Virginia International Raceway last week for another great track day event. I was there working with some longtime clients of mine, but it had been a while since we’d been together—not since the beginning of the year!

One of my clients had a new car, which we had a lot of fun learning about and dialing in. Our goal was to optimize the car for a high-performance street tire, which is a requirement for the endurance racing organization that he’ll be competing with this year. We had the opportunity to run different sets of tires, not only in the dry but also in the rain to assess wet performance. Sometimes rain at your event is actually a benefit!

I was also working with another driver whose goal was to continue refining lap times with his car. Having identified the key points to achieving that goal, we were able to work on very specific aspects to better his lap time. With continual refinement, he was able to achieve another personal best, and it’s always a rewarding feeling that leaves you hungry, knowing there are more opportunities within reach!

It was an outstanding couple of days at VIR. I got to enjoy the camaraderie with my clients, and I’m looking forward to their next events as they continue to make progress and achieve new goals.