It felt really good to get back to the track once again last week. This time I was there with a friend of mine who has a new car. We were able to spend a couple of days dodging a tropical storm (we actually wound up having good weather), and the time allowed him to get comfortable with the ergonomics of the car while learning more about its capabilities and potential.

We laid out a very specific plan over the two days and stuck to it successfully. We even achieved everything while maintaining social distance with a remote monitor for data and video review sessions!

20_PitLaneAnother exciting opportunity popped up last week for me to participate in the IMSA iRacing eSeries. This series has a grid of 50 GT cars, and it runs on a bi-weekly basis. IMSA drivers and teams from all around the world are participating. I mention teams because the team engineers and strategists are involved, too, to help optimize car setup, work on fuel strategy and act as a spotter for the driver. It truly is a full team effort!

Despite it being my first eSeries event ever, I thoroughly enjoyed participating. I finished 26th out of the 50-car grid, so I was right in the middle for my debut against some seasoned eSeries drivers.

This race was held at the virtual Virginia International Raceway. Kaizen Autosport has a fantastic facility within the VIR paddock, including simulators, so I actually chose to be at the real VIR for the virtual VIR race!

As we start getting back into racing, it’s been fun to have opportunities in both the real world and the virtual world, all in the same week!