Recently I got to be an instructor for a virtual racing school! This online school used the iRacing platform, and we had several participants join us just like they would at a traditional racing school. We used Zoom to have our face-to-face interaction and classroom instruction, and we continued to use it throughout the event so we could debrief with the students after each on-track session.

Once our classroom instruction was done, we jumped into our cars on iRacing and did lead-follow sessions using voice-over IP software, which acted as our radio communication between cars. Not only could we talk to participants, but we even had a “radio” channel just for the instructors so that we could take care of all the behind-the-scenes details.

We didn’t have any technical glitches and the drivers were able to lap the circuit proficiently while instructors gave them detailed feedback. We were even able to utilize the iRacing option to see the view from each participant’s car to “ride along” with them, which enabled us to give live feedback on their driving technique. It was literally the same dialogue we’d have if I was really riding along at the track!

At the end of the day, we even had time for some friendly racing with each other. Everyone was really pleased with the outcome of the school.

I’m looking forward to providing the same opportunity to my own private coaching clients, whether we’re learning a new circuit prior to going there or refining skills during the off-season, when it’s too cold to be on track. Whatever kind of setup you have, from a simulator to simply your computer, we’ll be able to log in together to work on your skills in a way that’s more interactive than just watching in-car video.