With our current reality, many people have gotten creative when it comes to what to do with their time, and they are finding imaginative alternatives to everyday life. The motorsport industry has gotten creative, too. To keep up the spirit of the events we’re currently missing out on, they have taken the racing online.

Last weekend both IMSA and NASCAR hosted their versions of Sebring and Homestead, respectively, online. The series drivers filled the virtual grids, and fans could watch live.

The racing was competitive and entertaining, and I think it gave everybody an appreciation for the series’ ability to make lemonade out of lemons!

Speaking of lemons, the Global MX-5 Cup car raffle for Lemons of Love was supposed to name a winner at Sebring, but now donors will have to wait until the rescheduled race in November to find out if they are going home with a new car! You can learn more about this great non-profit and the car giveaway here.

It’s not just online racing that’s happening online. I’ve been actively coaching online across several platforms. I’ve been participating in hosted motorsport webinars, privately coaching via iRacing and even coaching via video conferencing. If you have any footage to review from the beginning of the season or need to keep your head in the game for the next race, reach out to me and let’s “meet” for some coaching! You can contact me here. Until next time, stay healthy.