With the start of the 2019 season upon us, Daytona is our first chance to see all of the changes happening in IMSA, which has a new tire manufacturer, new teams and drivers, and a new TV broadcast package. And what used to be the Continental Tire Series even got a new name!

How long will it take us to get used to the new series name and logo?

How long will it take us to get used to the new series name and logo?

As both a participant in the series and a fan of the sport, I think this is a really exciting time for IMSA and endurance racing. The interest, growth and momentum that the series has right now is some of the best it’s been in a long time. There are over 50 cars on the Rolex 24 entry list. In the new Michelin Pilot Cup Series, there are 35 GT4 and close to 15 TCR cars slated to take the green at Daytona.

One of the retro liveries to commemorate IMSA's 50th anniversary.

One of the retro liveries to commemorate IMSA’s 50th anniversary.

It reminds me of the late aughts (’08-10), back when I first got involved in the series, when we consistently had huge fields of cars at Daytona. This is certainly the strongest lineup in several years, not just because of the star-studded driver list but also because of the volume of drivers, teams and manufacturers. IMSA is celebrating its 50thanniversary, and a lot of teams will be commemorating that with tribute liveries, but I can’t imagine a better tribute than the stellar Daytona entry list!

If you’re a fan of racing or even just cars, some of your favorite brands will definitely be represented this weekend. You’ll be able to catch all 24 hours of coverage of the Rolex 24 on NBC Sports and of course at IMSA.com.