Long Road Racing put on their first Global Mazda MX-5 Cup workshop last week. It was a hands-on clinic for drivers and teams to further understand the car from a setup and data standpoint. It was held at Virginia International Raceway, which was great for drivers who had never been there because the Battery Tender MX-5 Cup Series visits the circuit for rounds 9-10 in August.

22_VIR1We started by focusing on some basics, like tire pressures specific to the new BF Goodrich tires. I think some of the drivers were surprised at the numbers for optimal pressure because they had never had a chance to run through a range of pressures in the past. We also focused on suspension, diving into ride heights, cross weights, sway bar settings and the upgraded damper that’s on the car.

Throughout the workshop, we did a bit of “classroom” theory in the garage and then applied the theory and the corresponding adjustments on the race track. The drivers were able to give feedback for each adjustment, and the teams were able to see exactly how to perform the adjustments and begin developing a database of information for the future.

Overall, the drivers got a ton of valuable seat time and setup knowledge out of the workshop. We even had the time to delve into downloading the data, focusing on how to further enhance a driver’s skills by reviewing and analyzing it. I know Long Road Racing was pleased with the event, and they are looking forward to hosting more workshops throughout the season. Interested drivers can contact Long Road Racing to participate in the next one!